Psalm 144:1 Blessed be the Lord my strength which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.

Train Hard, Fight Easy

Ohio/Michigan CCW/CPL

($105 + range fees if applicable)
(Rental Guns available in limited supply)​

May 23​ 

June 13 - 14

Day 1 classroom, Day 2 morning range range

Introduction to Firearms Ownership

($36.50) 4 hours

Dates TBD

Critical Handgun Essentials 1

($137) ​GunTeachers Outdoor Range

June 10

Critical Handgun Essentials 2

($247) GunTeachers Outdoor Range

June 10-11


Ohio Concealed Carry

@ the FOP Building, Wood County Fair Grounds


May 3rd

June 28th

July 12th

Holster Draw Clinic

$50 @ the FOP Building

May 16th  10am - Noon

June 27th 10am - Noon

July 18th 10am - Noon

Own The Night Clinic

Low light/No light Shooting

$50 @ FOP Building

May 16th  8am - 10am

June 27th 8am - 10am

July 12th 8am - 10am

    Combative Pistol (2 Days, 600 rounds). With Dave Spaulding

                           June 16th - 17th. Hosted by GunTeachers in Perrysburg, Ohio 


 ​with Paul Carlson of Safety Solutions Academy

AUG 3 - 4



For detailed information or to Host a class contact us at Info@gunteachers.com

June 10th - 11th


 If you are serious about defending yourself and your loved ones with a handgun when there are no other options, then this course is a MUST! You will learn all of the essential defensive skills covered in Critical Handgun Essentials 1 as well as additional critical skills that will be practiced in context through stress and simulation evolutions of fire. Having a permit to legally carry a firearm and simply having a firearm with you will not guarantee your survival in a fight for your life! This course is focused on teaching you the skills you will absolutely need in order to have an active and successful role in saving the lives of yourself or your loved ones.  NOTE: this course is geared towards the armed citizen as well as the armed professional. There are no pre-requisites for this course; however, this is not a beginner program. A basic level of knowledge regarding firearms and firearm safety are a must. Low capacity sub-compact pistols (pocket pistols) are not authorized.

700 rounds of ammunition needed. 

Cost = $247

 (Those who have previously taken Critical Handgun Essentials 1 may opt to take Critical Handgun Essentials 2  Day two as an add on).