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GunTeachers Institute LLC was formed 2010 to fill an apparent void in the local firearms training industry. Good people were simply getting sub-par training and often were paying good money for terrible information that could get them hurt or killed. I have been fortunate to have had many applicable experiences as a street officer and have been involved in many dynamic situations which have led to a high understanding of the need to train no matter your context or how “good” we think we are. Those experiences coupled with research of criminal behavior, human reactions to stress and stimulus as well as the constant ongoing professional development and training have led to the development of  a training doctrine that will  help any person understand how to be as efficient as possible with both their firearm and their mind under the most dynamic of circumstances in order to increase their chances of avoiding injury or death.

All of GunTeachers Instructors and guest trainers are committed ongoing professional development and are passionate about our students and the life-saving information that we are teaching. Our courses are constantly evolving as we grow and learn. We understand how important it is for you to diversify your training considering your limited training resources (time. desire, money etc.). With that in mind, GTI hosts some of the nation's most well known and vetted "GunTeachers". Course hosting affords our students the opportunity to get top tier training without the expense of travelling across the country. We hope you find this website beneficial and look forward to having you in a class. 

About Us

Joe Ball

GunTeachers Owner/lead instructor.


My name is Joe Ball, owner of GunTeachers Institute LLC. Thank you for visiting us today! You know, choosing and attending a firearms training class can be very intimidating to say the least. I would like you to be confident that when you choose to attend a GunTeachers class, our goal is to make you feel cared for and to provide you a safe and comfortable environment to learn critical skills that will help you to live a safer life.  Lastly and more importantly it is my hope that if you are not 100% sure that you will be in Heaven when you die, that you would take the time to let us tell you how to be sure by clicking on this FREE GIFT

​Kindest Regards,
Joe Ball
(419) 356-0318

A Christian Husband and Father who cares deeply about arming law abiding Americans with the knowledge and skills that are critical in protecting themselves and those who matter the most to them. He is a U.S. Army Infantry  veteran and professional police officer with a SWAT/Sniper background in Northwest Ohio. He is a certified Glock and Colt AR15/M16 armorer.  Additionally, he is an OPOTA law enforcement firearms instructor in several disciplines as well as a certified NRA instructor.  He is a Police Olympics Gold Medalist in both tactical rifle and sniper rifle. Joe continues to attend national level instructor development and end user training courses in order to bring the most up to date techniques and tactics to our students.

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