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This one day eight hour course is intended to give the experienced defensive shooter a thorough understanding of emergency handgun manipulation and non-typical shooting positions. MORE Cost $150


This one day eight hour course focuses on proper integration with the defensive  handgun in the context of a worst case critical incident.

MORE  Cost = $145


This one day eight (8) hour class, is designed to give the student a technical and tactical foundation necessary for deploying the AR-15 Carbine safely and effectively in a personal or home defense situation. Emphasis is placed on safe and efficient carbine manipulation as well as judgment in the use of deadly force. This course is geared towards anyone who desires a better understanding of the AR-15 Carbine as well as those who choose to utilize the platform as their home defense firearm.  MORE  Cost = $145.00.

Church Safety Team Training and Consulting

Fundamentals of Concealed Carry (Ohio CCW)- 

The Fundamentals of Concealed Carry (Ohio Concealed Carry) is a GunTeachers developed program and is the introduction to defensive use of a handgun.   Upon successful completion of this course, students will have exceeded the minimum training requirements to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit (OH-CCW,).  You should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition and will learn fundamental defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation. MORE   $99 (Price does not include Handgun Rental or Ammunition)

A house of worship should be a place of peace and sanctity. Unfortunately we live in a world of increasing violence against those who gather in Christ's name. Many Churches around the country are taking measures to assure the safety of their congregation by forming security ministries. GunTeachers Institute is well versed in the consultation and training of these ministries. Contact us to learn how we can help your Church form a security program that fits your specific needs. 


It has been a while since you took a class with us or maybe you took a class else where and found that the actual firearms training that you received was sub par at best. This class is similar to the range training portion of our Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Course. This is a great starting point for new shooters as well as a great opportunity for the established defensive shooter to touch up their defensive shooting skills. This class is approximately 3 hours of instruction on the range.A minimum of 150 rounds of ammo for your handgun is required.  Cost = $50


This two day sixteen hour course integrates CORE skills learned in Critical Handgun Essentials 1 with an additional day of critical skill building.  This is a course for those who are extremely serious about their personal safety and that of the ones that mean the most to them. CHE 1 and CHE 2 (day 2) can be taken separately, however students will be more successful and will save valuable training funds by taking the entire course together.MORE