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Fundamentals of Concealed Carry (Ohio CCW)- 

The Fundamentals of Concealed Carry (Ohio Concealed Carry) is a GunTeachers developed program and is the introduction to defensive use of a handgun.   Upon successful completion of this course, students will have exceeded the minimum training requirements to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit (OH-CCW,).  You should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition and will learn fundamental defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation. MORE   $99 (Price does not include Handgun Rental or Ammunition)

Beginner HandgunShooting Clinic

GunTeachers Institute Beginner Handgun Clinic is geared towards anyone who is interested in exploring handgun shooting in a safe and fun environment. Experienced shooters will also find this class valuable. Students can expect to spend 2 hours on a very comfortable outdoor range with a highly experienced firearms teacher. This class progresses at the pace of the individual and will give the new shooter a solid foundation in firearms safety, safe firearms handling and basic shooting fundamentals. Students can opt bring their own firearm and ammunition or pay a little more to have those items brought to you at the range. 


This one day eight hour course is intended to give the experienced defensive shooter a thorough understanding of emergency handgun manipulation and non-typical shooting positions.MORE

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What happened when a Vietnam Veteran & Reverend defended his neighbor... 

Have you heard Bruce's story yet...?
Bruce is a Vietnam Veteran, community leader, and USCCA Member.
He spent years working to make his community safe for young families moving into the area...
But when he saw 2 men assaulting his neighbor–he learned just how fast things can go from worse.
You see, Bruce activated his USCCA Membership so he could get all the education, training, and legal protection he needed as the responsible protector for his community...

Now, as a reverend, he prayed he'd never have to use his firearm...
Unfortunately, he didn't have a choice when he saw his neighbor being violently assaulted.
It all started when Bruce heard a commotion near one of his neighbor's homes.

Fearing for the safety of his community, Bruce walked over to see if there was anything he could do to help...

That's when he saw two men violently attacking his neighbor.

Bruce repeatedly tried to deescalate the situation, and he pleaded for the men to stop...
...that's when his neighbor yelled, "Bruce, watch out!"

And when he saw one of the men reach for a weapon...Bruce drew his own legally owned handgun in self-defense.

He even called the police to report the incident...

But when they finally arrived...
Bruce was arrested...
Even though the police interviewed the neighbors who witnessed the incident AND found the gun carried by the men who assaulted his neighbor.

...both of the attackers were allowed to leave the scene.

Bruce was forced to lay on the ground while he was handcuffed and charged with Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon and tossed in a jail cell...
He faced years in prison and expensive legal fees.
Can you imagine how he was feeling?
Scared, frustrated, confused, betrayed...
Well, despite how he was feeling, Bruce knew he still had someone in his corner.
You see, Bruce had received his crucial USCCA educational member information that prepared him for exactly what he needed to do after he joined....
...and as a member, his USCCA Member benefits swung into action...
With the USCCA's legal and financial protection, he was able to pay his bail, connect with a pro-2A attorney in his area, and get home to his wife in just a few hours.

To put it in his own words,
"That was a phenomenal experience for me. Being in jail is not a comfortable thing. I got out. I felt a huge release...and then I got home. I was able to sleep in my own bed that same night..."

With the help of his pro-2a attorney, all of the charges were dropped and Bruce's legal fees were covered in full by his Self-Defense SHIELD benefits...
...and he and his wife were completely shielded from legal and financial ruin.
So, here's what I want you to ask yourself...
If the unthinkable should happen to you, the USCCA will be there for you with the education, training, and legal protection you need.
...but we can't help you like we helped Bruce if you're not a member...
Don't you think it's a good time to join forces with an organization that'll fight as hard for you as it did for Bruce?

 Join The USCCA Today & Get The Protection Your Family Deserves...
Take care and stay safe,
Tim Schmidt Signature
Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA
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Church Safety Team Training and Consulting

A house of worship should be a place of peace and sanctity. Unfortunately we live in a world of increasing violence against those who gather in Christ's name. Many Churches around the country are taking measures to assure the safety of their congregation by forming security ministries. GunTeachers Institute is well versed in the consultation and training of these ministries. Contact us to learn how we can help your Church form a security program that fits your specific needs. 


This one day eight (8) hour class, is designed to give the student a technical and tactical foundation necessary for deploying the AR-15 Carbine safely and effectively in a personal or home defense situation. Emphasis is placed on safe and efficient carbine manipulation as well as judgment in the use of deadly force. This course is geared towards anyone who desires a better understanding of the AR-15 Carbine as well as those who choose to utilize the platform as their home defense firearm.  MORE  

The GunTeachers Legacy Kids Shooting Program

The GTI Legacy Kids program is much more than a gun safety class. This is a class that focuses on the relationship between the parent and child. Parent/child teams will receive an age appropriate survey of gun safety focusing on safe firearms handling and responsible gun ownership. The parents will then assume the role of teacher to their child while the GTI staff coaches the parent on the proper basic rifle marksmanship and shooting fundamentals. This class is 2 hours in length and will be informative,fun and memorable for both the parent and the student. The parent child ratio for this class is 1:1. The age requirements for children are 8 yrs to 16 yrs. Attendees will need to provide their own .22LR rIfle and at least 50 rounds of ammunition, ear and eye protection. Targets will be provided.


This one day eight hour course focuses on proper integration with the defensive  handgun in the context of a worst case critical incident.  MORE  


It has been a while since you took a class with us or maybe you took a class else where and found that the actual firearms training that you received was sub par at best. This class is similar to the range training portion of our Fundamentals of Concealed Carry Course. This is a great starting point for new shooters as well as a great opportunity for the established defensive shooter to touch up their defensive shooting skills. This class is approximately 3 hours of instruction on the range.A minimum of 150 rounds of ammo for your handgun is required. 

Basic Civilian Trauma Care (BCTC) +

​GunTeachers Institute Basic Civilian Trauma Care (BCTC) is a course geared towards the armed citizen or every day citizen who desires to obtain a fundamental knowledge of Basic Trauma Care Skills. The course is 3 – 4 hours in length and focuses on recognizing and controlling mass arterial bleeding using tourniquets and hemostatic infused gauze. Additionally the student will become familiar with the application of chest seals for the treatment of Tension Pneumothorax (Sucking Chest Wound) and the application of pressure bandages.  This is a fast paced class that consists of a short lecture followed by hands-on application of skill. All training aids are supplied.


Defensive Handgun Diagnostics​

GunTeachers Institute Handgun Diagnostics is geared towards the defensive hand gunner who desires to significantly improve their speed and accuracy or the shooter who has experienced various shooting difficulties and desires to understand why and how to improve. This class is technical in nature and focuses heavily on marksmanship fundamentals and efficient handgun manipulation. The student will leave with a better understanding of how to self-diagnose shooting problems as well as a very intimate understanding of human integration with a handgun in a defensive context.  The 4 hour version of this class requires a minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition. The 8 hour version of this class requires a minimum of 450 rounds of ammunition. Students will also need: A quality semi-automatic pistol with at least 3 magazines. A quality holster that covers the trigger guard. Electronic ear protection, wrap around eye protection. Given in a 1 day or partial day version.