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​​Curriculum Vitae

Joe Ball                                                                

Professional Profile

 A Professional Police Officer and Educator specializing in the instruction of Firearms, Tactics and Critical incident readiness.  A tenured communicator both in the classroom and on the range, teaching over one thousand Civilian and Law Enforcement students to learn how to live safer lives through frequent and realistic training. Subjects of expertise include the following:

  • Law Enforcement Firearms Instruction
  • Civilian Firearms Instruction
  • Civilian Trauma Care Instruction
  • SWAT School Instruction
  • Basic Tactical Medical Instruction​
  • Critical Handgun Essentials
  • School Attacker safety
  • Workplace Violence Seminars
  • House of Worship Security team development and training
  • SOLO Officer Response to Active Assailant
  • Critical Carbine Essentials​

Professional Experience

Perrysburg Township Police Department, Perrysburg, Ohio    2009-Present

  • Patrol Officer
  • Firearms Instructor
  • Weapons Armorer

GunTeachers Institute LLC.      2010 – Present

Owner/ Lead Instructor


Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association (Voluntary Position)   2012 – Present

Region 1 Representative

R.E.D Team Advanced Training Team Instructor

Northern Regional SWAT, Perrysburg, Ohio   2011 - 2014

SWAT Team Commander


  •  ASIS Conference/Award Keynote Speaker 2013
  •  Successful formation and implementation of multijurisdictional SWAT Team.


Wood County Sheriff’s Office Special Response Team, Wood County, Ohio    2010-2011

Operator/ Sniper

Toledo Police Department, Toledo, Ohio

2002 – 2005 Patrolman

2005 – 2009 SWAT Operator/Sniper


Owens Community College Peace Officer’s Academy, Perrysburg, Ohio

Ohio Peace Officers Training Commission Certification   2000

Toledo Police Academy, Perrysburg Ohio    2002


Instructor Level Certification/Training

  • Certified Pistol Instructor – National Rifle Association
  • Semi-Auto Pistol Instructor - OPOTA
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor - OPOTA
  • Taser Instructor - AXON
  • School Attacker Response Course Instructor- I.C.E. Training Company
  • Basic Tactical Medical Instructor - FLETC
  • RAIDER S.O.L.O Officer Response Instructor ALICE/RAIDER
  • ALICE Training Instructor – ALICE
  • Patrol Rifle Instructor – Center Mass Inc.
  • Handgun Instructor – Range Master, Tom Givens
  • Instructor, Farnam Method of Hand gunning – DTI International


Training Courses and Seminars

  • U.S. Army Primary Leadership Development Course
  • Crisis Intervention Training (CIT)
  • Advanced TASER M-26
  • Basic Police Mountain Bike Course
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction Response
  • Toledo Police Department Basic SWAT School
  • Cobra WMD Readiness Training
  • Glock Armorer
  • Colt M16/ AR-15 Armorer
  • OPOTA Basic Precision Rifle
  • Response to Human Trafficking
  • Introduction to Critical Incident Command  - FEMA
  • Taser X26 Training Program
  • Wood County Sheriff’s Office Basic SWAT Course
  • Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association Basic SWAT School
  • Carbine Employment 02 - Costa Ludas
  • Combat Focus Shooting 2 Day 2014 - I.C.E. Training
  • Combat Focus Shooting 2 Day 2015 - I.C.E. Training
  • Realistic Advanced Critical Skills Seminar
  • Domestic Violence, Investigating the incident and abuser
  • Crime Scene Responder
  • Criminal Interdiction - HIDTA
  • Vehicle Based Concealed Carry - Safety Solutions Academy
  • Fundamentals of Combat Focused Shooting - I.C.E. Training
  • Combat Focus Carbine - I.C.E. Training
  • Two Person Armed Defense - I.C.E. Training 2017
  • Two Person Armed Defense – I.C.E. Training 2018
  • Advanced Pistol Handling – I.C.E. Training (Unorthodox Shooting Positions)
  • Performance GunFighting – Reston Group
  • Handgun Combatives – Dave Spaulding
  • Pistol Diagnostics – Russ Lyons
  • The Bulletproof Mind – LTC. Dave Grossman
  • The Unthinkable – William Aprill
  • Bullet Proof – Calibre Press/LTC. Dave Grossman
  • Fighting from Concealment – Victory First
  • Modern Samurai Project - Red Dot Sight Pistol Instructor
  • Practical Pistol for Law Enforcement - XRay Alpha
  • ​Introduction to Hostage Rescue - XRay Alpha

​Military Service

US. Army Infantry 1995- 1998 (Honorable Discharge)

A Co 1-22 Infantry Regiment 4th Infantry Division, End Rank: Specialist/E-4

  • M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle Crew member
  • Dismounted Infantry Riflemen/Machine Gunner/Grenadier
  • Training NCO

(Attended Basic Training and Infantry School at Ft. Benning GA.)

Ohio Army National Guard 1998 – 2004 (Honorable Discharge)

B Co 1 -38th Infantry Regiment Rank Sergeant/E-5

  • Fire Team Leader
  • Infantry Squad Leader

Achievements/ Awards

  • Expert Infantryman’s Badge (EIB)
  • Army Commendation Medal x 2
  • Army Achievement Medal x 2
  • Good Conduct Medal
  • National Defense Service Ribbon
  • Gold Medal Tactical Rifle, Ohio Police and Fire Games
  • Gold Medal Sniper Rifle, Ohio Police and Fire Games
  • Law Enforcement Officer’s Hall of Fame Career Achievement Inductee
  • Owens Community College Alumni Association Outstanding Achievement award



  • Time with Family
  • Attending Church
  • Teaching Civilians and Police Officer’s how to live safer lives
  • Ohio Tactical Officer’s Association service
  • Playing the Guitar and Mandolin
  • Archery
  • Shooting
  • Hunting Deer, Turkey and various small game
  • Fishing
  • Backyard Farming