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FUNDAMENTALS OF CONCEALED CARRY -    The Fundamentals of Concealed Carry (Ohio Concealed Carry) is a GunTeachers developed cirriculum and is the introduction to defensive use of a handgun.   Upon successful completion of this course, students will have exceeded the training requirements to obtain a Concealed Carry Permit (OH-CCW,).  You should expect to shoot approximately 100 rounds of ammunition and will learn fundamental defensive shooting skills, strategies for home safety and responding to a violent confrontation.  You will provided with an in depth survey of firearms and the law including the laws of concealed carry and self-defense, how to choose a handgun for self-defense, and options for continued training and skill development.  This course is for law-abiding adult citizens, as defined by applicable federal, state, or local law.  We cater to all skill levels and will make you a better defensive shooter no matter what your current skill level.  Learn to defend yourself and your loved ones.  Even if you ultimately choose not to use a firearm for self-defense, you will leave this class more informed, comfortable and confident.   NOTE: This  class consists of approximately 8 hours in the classroom and  approximately 2.5 hours at the range.   Cost = $110+ range fees if applicable. Rental firearms and ammunition are not included in tuition.

CRITICAL HANDGUN ESSENTIALS 1 This course focuses on efficient integration with the handgun in the context of a Critical Self-Defense Incident. Emphasis is placed on Essential defensive firearms skills to include: essentials of self defense shooting, defensive mindset and awareness, efficient handgun manipulation and, understanding the human body's reactions to stress. This essential class is for those who have a concealed carry permit or the armed professional who depends on their firearm to keep themselves and their families safe every day. Topics covered include: Life applicable safety concerns; concealed carry gear selection; proper grip and stance; efficient draw and presentation from holster; and essentials of defensive marksmanship. Equipment requirements: semi-auto pistol or revolver in serviceable condition; at least 2 magazines or a speed loader/speed strips; strong side hip holster that positively retains the gun and covers the trigger guard (Kydex is preferred); mag or speed loader carrier; ear and eye protection (electronic ear pro is strongly recommended; an open mind.  450 rounds of ammunition required. Cost = $150


ADVANCED CRITICAL HANDGUN  This one day eight (8) hour course is intended to give the experienced defensive shooter a thorough understanding of emergency handgun manipulation and non-typical shooting positions. The environment and situation will dictate the shooting position that one finds himself in during a defensive shooting incident. Conversely, one must also plan on being injured and must have the skills necessary to stay in the fight and win. Topics covered: life applicable safety concerns; strong hand and reaction hand combat draw and presentation; strong hand and reaction hand fundamental diagnostics; strong hand and reaction hand emergency and tactical reloading techniques; non-typical shooting positions other than standing; shooting from inside a vehicle. Equipment needed: Medium to full sized semi-auto handgun chambered in 9mm, .38spl, .357 .40 .357 sig, 45 ACP (Semi-auto handguns are preferred for this course); a minimum of 3 working magazines or speed loaders/speed strips; strong side hip holster that positively retains the gun and covers trigger guard; the ability to hold two magazines/speed loaders on person (mag carrier); ear and eye protection (electronic ears pro strongly recommended); appropriate dress for weather (long pants, rain gear); knee/elbow pad (optional); open mind. NOTE: This course 450 round of ammunition required. Cost = $150.00. *STUDENTS TAKING THIS COURSE MUST HAVE COMPLETED CRITICAL HANDGUN ESSENTIALS 2 OR A COMPARABLE COURSE.

CRITICAL CARBINE ESSENTIALS This one day eight (8) hour class, is designed to give the student a technical and tactical foundation necessary for deploying the AR-15 Carbine safely and effectively in a personal or home defense situation. Emphasis is placed on safe and efficient carbine manipulation as well as judgment in the use of deadly force. This course is geared towards anyone who desires a better understanding of the AR-15 Carbine as well as those who choose to utilize the platform as their home defense firearm. Topics covered include: life/range applicable safety, nomenclature, care and maintenance; marksmanship fundamentals; CORE manipulation skills; multi-positional skills; movement evolutions; stress evolutions; balance of speed and precision drills. Equipment Requirements: AR-15 or variant chambered in .223, 5.56mm, 5.45x39 or 7.62x39; at least 2 magazines; sling for carbine/rifle; cleaning kit/tools; magazine or pouch carrier; 400 rounds of ammunition; clothing appropriate for weather; open mind.  Cost = $135.00